In 1958, Mexicola Oil Company was founded in Tijuana, Mexico. Since then the band
has existed in a constantly changing Line-Up. Due to the global lack of oil and raw
materials the number of bandmembers was reduced from 17 in the beginning to 3
performers at present. The band founder, Christos Jose Dominguez Wayne, died only
recently as a result of his long-time turpentine abuse. His grandson, Clayton B. Hawkins
Wayne, announced at the coffin of the deceased to hold the heritage of his grandfather in honour. He ordered the slaughtering of 10 mulos and 12 extra large turkeys, which were eaten during the 12-day-obsequies.

Clayton processes his extraordinarily deep-felt mourning for the
patriarch and virtuous mariachi in most of the 12 new songs of the
latest long player „Slow Low Indigo“ (editiona mexicana out in June 2007).
Supported by his famous comrades-in-arms Cletus Jesus de villa Lobos-Wayne
on the devils fiddle and Mitch „Gerritmo“ Buchannon-Wayne on the singing-saw,
Hawkins-Wayne succeeds in leading the audience deep into his cultural heritage.
The listener gets the impression of sand wafting through the canyon and the howling
of a coyote on the hill over there.
The three extraordinary musicians elicit sounds of infatuating simpleness and
bittersweet melancholy from their rudimental folk instruments, until salty tears
leave furrows on the dust crusted face of the listener. After only a few seconds
you catch yourself stamping the hypnotic ritmo on the hand-planed pine floor,
in your hand a cool cerveza.